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Freight & Rail Co.

Why this name?  …a funny story. I run my business from home and recently relocated to Conneaut. I found a house that had the perfect setup, a large garage/workshop, plenty of office space and fresh air  for Gucci (my four-legged partner and best friend). Well, the real estate agent forgot to mention that the train tracks behind my property are very active. The property is now rail road themed and thus the name Freight & Rail for my business. Admittedly, when one hears the name Freight & Rail, website design does not come to mind. But, that's what it is, and we are going to run with it. 

How did I choose to make a living designing websites? 

I had built a few websites for friends and acquaintances during COVID as something to do. I am passionate about design and creativity. I often create spaces that are enjoyable to be in. My home, my office, and anywhere else that I may need to spend any amount of time. A website is a virtual space, so I give it the same concept. Then others saw my work and asked if I could redesign their websites. The work is rewarding and enjoyable. Now, we can extend these services to our local business!

            - Devin


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